Winter meeting and career thoughts

Yesterday and today I have been to ClimBEco winter meeting in Lund. We startet with three nice presentations from PhD students in the research school, then a whole afternoon where climate negotiations were in focus and today half a day with career discussions. For me the career discussions were probably the best part, as I am going to start in ClimBEco’s mentor programme tomorrow morning. A half-day with career discussions gave me some fresh thoughts about what I want to do later on, after my PhD.

There are a few things I really like. I like to meet people and to discuss important issues. I am actually better when it comes to discuss thing that matter to me, even if it hurts sometimes when not everybody agree with you (how could it be?!), than to discuss simple things in everyday life. I like the intense and long discussions in a group where everyone is committed to find a solution. The more complex problem, the more exiting!

Another thing I like is writing. I love language and I try every day to get better. I want to get even better in finding the perfect words and nice expressions in Swedish. In Danish I try to develop my pronunciation and in English I spend a lot of time to expand and enrich my vocabulary. But I also like another side of the writing: to form a text. This basically means to scape your ideas and to find the essence of them. It is a hard work, but the process is wonderful to me.

I also like to speak in front of groups, to teach and to see others learn from me. I wish to evolve this skill more in the future, as I in my last course teaching in higher education, was given good tools for how to think about my own teaching. I have promised myself to more often give lectures, seminars, etc.. By giving lectures or seminars, you force yourself to clarify your own ideas about your research or your subject, and you get more used to talk in front of others. Moreover I would like to explore different kinds of teaching, for students, stakeholders, engineers, politicians, etc..

And of course – I like to analyse and find good solutions for a problem: in field by testing, through modelling in front of my computer or by discussing with clever partners and colleagues. My wish is to combine all these wishes and skills in a nice work in the future. Let us see what the future brings!

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